Who We Are

Certified horse bedding products that care for the Earth and its animals.

“Green” is the new buzzword these days – but have you stopped to ask yourself what it means when a company says they are green? We certainly can’t speak into what other companies mean by the word, but we can tell you what it means to us.

We start by sending a registered forester to consult with every landowner who wants to harvest their timber; and we help them create a sustainability plan that includes replanting assistance. Throughout the harvesting process we have someone on site to ensure the timber is harvested in a way that is environmentally responsible. When the job is finished we follow up with the landowner to offer assistance in replanting the trees that were harvested. Even after the job is completed – we aren’t done – a third party auditor inspects the site to ensure that the land is healthier with more trees than when we started. This is just a small part of what goes into making a Certified Sustainable Green product.

Our manufacturing process may not be unique, but our environmental practices are – we are the only company in the United States that manufactures a certified bedding product. Many companies label their products as being made from “managed forests” or “certified sustainable forests,” these are mere marketing terms with no certification behind them. As an educated customer you should know what you are buying. Is your bedding certified “green”? Ask your supplier to show you their certificate.

At greentree, we know that you can buy horse bedding and shavings in any of the big box feed stores -but what are you really buying? When you buy greentree horse bedding products, you are buying a commitment to the environment. We make four products to suit a variety of needs: Easy Pick, Select and Premium. We manufacture all of our products in one location, so the consistency is the same every time. We haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel with these products, but we certainly have shunned the status quo. We see the world a little differently here at greentree. Our products are Clean, Simple, and Certified and our philosophy is simple… Green.